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Criminal Defense Investigations in Southern California

Investigating - Criminal Defense Investigations in West Covina, CA
Our experienced, professional investigators including a former sergeant in the military police and retired police detective lieutenant can ensure each case is carefully monitored and kept up-to-date whether it is a civil or criminal case. Our professional investigators are retired members of the Police Department working in the Juvenile Division, Violent Crimes Section, and in charge of Narcotics and Vice.
Whether you're looking for a specialist in debugging phones, computers, bumper beepers, infrared eavesdropping or infinity taps, California Professional Services is here to help you. We offer investigative services for civil and criminal cases, such as assault, vehicle accidents, employee misconduct, business fraud, theft, corporate and industrial sabotage, as well as skip tracing, background, asset searches, and judgment recovery.
Investigator - Criminal Defense Investigations in West Covina, CA
Girl Holding a Camera - Criminal Defense Investigations in West Covina, CA
Capturing People - Criminal Defense Investigations in West Covina, CA
We use state-of-the-art CPM 700 counter surveillance probe/monitors to detect radio frequency levels from countless eavesdropping and monitoring devices. Our investigators and technicians are continually trained to be highly qualified, reliable and professional.
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